How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Drapes?

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Experts say that if you care for your drapes properly, you may never have to dry clean them. The degree and frequency of care depends on environmental pollutants (from open windows, traffic exhaust, smoke, etc.). Regular maintenance is more important and cost effective than dry cleaning. You want to prevent dust build-up on the front and back of draperies. Dust on the backside will attract the sun's destructive rays like a magnet. This speeds up deterioration of the lining and drapery fabric.

Shake the drapes while hanging to knock off dust or vacuum with an upholstery brush. Don't use the same upholstery brush you use on furniture as it may have broken bristles that will damage the drapery fabric. Use a new one. The industry says drapes should last 7 years, but with regular care, your drapes could well last 10 to 15 years!