Home Inspectors Should Look High and Low

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You are not getting your money’s worth if a home inspector is in and out of the house in an hour or two.  Experts home inspectors tell me that a thorough inspection of the average 1200 square foot structure should take three to three-and-a-half hours and should always include a visit to the attic and crawl spaces.

In the attic, for example, the inspector might find broken rafters, improper venting, mold or old compressed insulation that is no longer effective. Under the house, it’s common to find standing water near improperly directed downspouts and leaking pipes. The house framing should be checked to see if it’s bolted to the foundation and that the floor framing is properly secured. Ideally, the inspector’s final written report should include glaring safety issues, major concerns, improvements needed and problems that require monitoring. This report can be useful to buyers, sellers and homeowners who are planning a major remodel.