Have You Considered Bamboo Flooring?

More Savvy Tips

Bamboo is a prodigiously growing grass, which can be converted into beautiful, durable flooring. Many people choose bamboo because it benefits the environment by saving trees. We are consuming nine times more wood fiber than nature produces each day, a troubling trend.

 Bamboo flooring costs about 25% less than wood. Avoid inexpensive, immature bamboo, which warps, cups and may contain formaldehyde. You can select natural, caramelized, horizontal or vertical versions and install it yourself or hire a professional. Kitchens are the number one room, but bathrooms, in fact, most rooms, look better with a bamboo floor. It is easy to clean with a damp mop. If damaged, repairs are easy, quick and inexpensive. Warranties are 5 years for commercial applications and lifetime for residential.