Great Products for Cleaning Shower Glass

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If you have a glass shower enclosure, you know how quickly soap scum, mineral deposits and film build-up. The problem with keeping the glass sparkling clean is that many of the "spray-and-leave-on" products are so harsh that they can eat through the shower's silicone sealant. What's good for the glass may not be good for the metal and acrylic hardware, according to Terri Downs, Vice President of CB Showers Inc., a Diamond Certified company. Ms. Downs recommends regular maintenance for shower enclosures, such as using a squeegee or wiping the glass with a cloth after showering.

Two products that are effective for cleaning and sealing the glass are Comet Heavy Duty Bathroom Cleaner and Invisible Shield. Another option is having the glass treated with Diamon-Fusion¨. This process makes glass water repellent and stain resistant, as long as basic maintenance is performed.