Gotta a Noise Problem? Here’s What to Do

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Experts like Paul Asadov, President of Zeus Remodeling, a Diamond Certified company, know exactly what to do to reduce noise problems in a home. The most common complaint is about the sound of footsteps in multi-family dwellings. Mr. Asadov explains that the solution to “impact” noise is to replace the original drywall with a detached drywall made of two layers, where one layer is laminated with noise control material. You can also add soundboards inside the ceiling to reduce noise.

If your noise problem is street or freeway noise, Mr. Asadov suggests reinforcing the weak spots – doors and windows. Hollow core doors are replaced with solid noise control doors with several acoustical layers inside. Then install triple-pane windows, where one of the glass layers has a vinyl lamination just like a car windshields.  With these types of improvements, noise levels can usually be reduced by at least 50% to 60%.