Getting The most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

More Savvy Tips

If you are planning to replace an old air conditioner, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better the new ones are. For one thing, according to Kevin Sollitt, President of Temperature Perfection, Inc., a Diamond Certified company, the latest models are more energy efficient, because they have variable speed systems, which maintain a constant temperature. They are also a LOT quieter.

Before recommending an air conditioning unit, a competent service technician will do an energy analysis of your home, taking into account the square footage, number and type of windows, and whether you have attic and wall insulation. If an air conditioner is not properly installed, it will waste energy instead of conserve it. What’s critical is that the a/c unit is properly charged prior to final installation. And with a brand new system, don’t forget about maintenance. Manufacturers and utility companies all recommend a thorough servicing once a year.