Get Help Conserving Water in Your Garden

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Did you know that most of us over-water our lawns? According to Peter Haeberlin, owner of Vitale and Sons, a Diamond Certified landscaping company, many people water their lawns every day in the summer, when 3 times a week is plenty. If you need  help in controlling water useage in your garden, you might consider installing one of the new smart irrigation control systems.

Mr. Haeberlin explains that these systems can be linked to sensors in your backyard or connect with a satellite weather station. You start by programming in the details about your garden and lawn — things like what type of soil you have, whether shrubs are shaded or in sunny areas, and whether the lawn is sloped, etc. The amount of watering allowed is determined by taking into account all of your yard’s variables and conditions such as humidity, precipitation, temperature and hours of daylight. The controllers are available through your landscape contractor and depending on your water consumption you may qualify for a rebate from your water district.