First Aid for a Leaky Roof

More Savvy Tips

Most homeowners have had the experience at one time or another of dealing with a leaky roof after a big rainfall. You can minimize the damage, or make things worse, depending on what you do to the affected area, according to Paul Elmore, President of Responsible Roofing, a Diamond Certified company.

If feasible, Mr. Elmore says you need to act quickly and cover the affected section with plastic or a tarp. But proceed carefully as some roofs are slippery when wet, and high winds can make it difficult for the plastic to stay in place. Put buckets under the drips and mop up the floor. And if the ceiling starts sagging, poke a hole in the sheetrock at the lowest point with a screwdriver to relieve pressure. Mark the spot with tape so the exact location can be found later when your roofer comes out to assess the damage and perform repairs.