First Aid for a Clogged Drains

More Savvy Tips

The last time I had a big party, the kitchen drain got clogged. The plumber advised me never to put potato peels into the garbage disposal. Plenty of things will stop up your sinks. Besides food, grease and hair, roots can cause back-ups, as well as materials caught in old galvanized lines.

If your sink gets clogged, check whether other fixtures in the house are having the same trouble. If more than one is involved, the problem is often the main line. Many plumbers do not recommend liquid chemical products. It's better to use a friendly enzyme product such as Bio-Clean for pre-maintenance, or a manual snake. If that doesn't work, call a plumber for advice. Some will help you over the phone. If you do need a cleanout, a plumber's electric snake can flush out lines up to 200 feet!