Efficient Fireplace Burning techniques

More Savvy Tips

Homeowners often make the mistake of adding too much firewood to the fireplace. Keep the top of the flames visible below the fireplace opening to gauge the right amount of wood. If you have glass doors, keep them wide open with the screen closed for at least 30 minutes after starting the fire. Once the wood is burning well, close the doors and set draft controls. That advice is coming from Andy Gatley, owner of Best Chimney Sweep, a Diamond Certified company.

If you use your fireplace a lot, it's important to know that creosote buildup is the main cause of chimney fires. Creosote is highly combustible. Mr. Gatley reminds homeowners to burn only seasoned wood. Do not allow your fire to smolder by separating the logs or standing them on end, and never burn trash in a fireplace or woodstove.