Curb Appeal and Your Garage Door

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When your house is on the market for several months and isn't selling, it's time to get professional help. A customer, called Scott O'Neill, Sales Manager for Madden Door and Sons, Inc. a Diamond Certified company, and explained that his realtor thought the property wasn't moving due to the look of the home as you approached it. The tall side of the house wasn't visually appealing as you drove into the driveway.

You can quickly spruce up your house with the right garage door and add to its appeal and value. In this case, Mr. O'Neill designed a beautiful carriage garage door and some faux cobblestone was added along with window accents. The week after the work was done, the house sold for $120,000 more than the list price. The new garage door was the first visible feature and in the end, the $6,500 spent on it was well worth the investment.