Creating More Closet Space-Quickly & Inexpensively

More Savvy Tips

What’s the best way to create more space in an existing closet? The easiest thing you can do is to install double hanging poles. You end up with twice the hanging space and still have a top shelf available for storing shoes, boxes, baskets or hats.  The double pole arrangement isn’t great for dresses and long coats, but only about 15% of hanging garments in a typical household need full length space. Use another closet for those items. Home improvement stores sell do-it-yourself closet kits. The ones made of particleboard with a melamine finish are preferred over wire sets, which have non-adjustable shelves/poles and are not as durable. Because we use our closets everyday, a totally organized closet can start and end your day on a very positive note. A top-rated closet organizer can help you get the right closet for your personality.