Create More Privacy in Your Backyard

More Savvy Tips

Many of us who live in large cities are looking for privacy in our backyards, and one way to achieve that is by planting semi-mature trees, or trees that will grow quickly, according to Dave Graham, owner of Atlas Landscapes, a Diamond Certified company. Choosing the right trees for your garden is critical to avoid future problems. Large trees grown in 24-inch containers will usually fit through your door and can in most cases provide an instant privacy screen. Trees as tall as 20 feet can be placed in the yard with a crane when access is limited.

Large trees can also be moved from one side of the yard to another. However, the success rate for that type of transplant is about 60%. The easiest trees to move are palm trees and maples, and many other trees under 12 feet tall. Fruit trees, tea trees and rose trees are the most difficult.