Cost efective Ways to Heat Your Home

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Have you thought about installing a wood-burning stove? Some of these zone heaters, as they're called, burn gas, wood or pellets made of recycled sawdust. Tony Renati, Manager of Frizelle-Enos, a Diamond Certified company, says the stoves can be freestanding or installed inside an insert in an existing fireplace. Stoves come in both traditional and contemporary styles and are available with enamel finishes of all colors, brown being most popular right now.

People buy zone heaters because they want to save money on energy bills and help keep the air clean. Gas-burning stoves are cleanest of all, according to Mr. Renati. These stoves are also safer and more economical than electric heaters. You can expect to invest somewhere between $900 and $3,000 in a unit before installation, depending on size. For wood and pellet heaters, a professional cleaning by a chimney sweep is needed at least once a year to remove creosote build-up and accumulated soot.