Choosing Kid-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

More Savvy Tips

If you have kids and your furniture takes a beating, you want to choose the right fabric when you’re ready to reupholster. Fabric experts from Diamond Certified companies recommend that families choose a heavy and dark fabric, and suggest something with a pattern in it, that is multi-colored. Another good alternative to leather upholstery is vinyl, which gives that same textured look, but costs less and is extremely durable. Most vinyls come in a variety of qualities.

Look for scotch-guarded fabrics to prevent staining. They are not hard to find because nowadays most companies do the scotch-guarding at the factory. When getting furniture reupholstered, what they do on the inside is as important as what they do on the outside. Ask how the seats are re-built. A quality job includes correctly rebuilding the product so that it has a longer life.