Carpet Cleaning

More Savvy Tips

Every spring I get the carpets in my house thoroughly cleaned. While some people choose to clean their own carpets with rental equipment, most rug manufacturers recommend a truck-mounted hot water extraction method performed by a certified person. Murray Kahrnoff, of General Carpet, Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning, says watch out for the advertised specials for carpet cleaning. Some companies use ridiculously low prices to get you to make an appointment, but it‚s a different story when they come out to do the job. Murray says you should be skeptical if a carpet cleaner promotes the "deep scrub" method or claims to use special rakes. This is just hype.

I like my carpet cleaner because he's honest about what he can't do, gives me advice on spot removal or buying rugs and gives me a carpet cleaning spray to remove spots between cleanings. Can you beat that?