Caring For Your Carpets Pays Off

More Savvy Tips

Did you know that one square foot of carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt? After talking to Master Cleaner Perry Holliday, owner of Candid Carpet Care, a Diamond Certified company, I was ready to get on the job. Mr. Holliday recommends slowly vacuuming high traffic areas every day to remove sand and dirt, which cut fibers and wear your carpeting down. Vacuums with a top loaded bag are preferred and should be emptied when half full.

To best maintain your rugs between professional cleanings, use walk-off mats as it takes about 12-14 steps to get the dirt off your shoes. Lay out some washable throw rugs or matching carpet remnants by the garage door and front door. Finally, when doing minor spot removal, the best advice from Mr. Holliday is never try to rub out a spot. Instead of scrubbing it, dab and blot.