Caring for Stone Countertops

More Savvy Tips

All new stone countertops need to be sealed correctly with enough coats of a good quality sealer to make them last. That's the key, according to Greg Palmer, co-owner of Northbay Stone Works Countertops, a Diamond Certified company. After that, how you care for countertops will depend on the stone you have had installed. Granite countertops, which are great for kitchens because they don't react with acids, are very hard and don't need any special maintenance other than occasional re-sealing. You only have to re-seal granite, or any other new stone, when it shows signs of absorbing liquids.

The other stones used for countertops, marble, limestone and travertine, are all organic and their appearance will change over time. To clean them, you must use a non-corrosive Ph-neutral stone cleaner only, or a damp cloth. Do not use any products that might scratch the surface, such as Ajax or Comet.