Bed Bugs Invading Homes - Yikes!

More Savvy Tips

You know the expression, "Don't let the bed bugs bite." People who find bugs and small pearl-shaped eggs on the cheesecloth attached to box springs wonder how these pests get into their homes in the first place.

Bed bugs nest in unfinished wood furniture, so be careful if you bring second hand end tables, dressers or headboards into your home. Inspect them carefully. If you stay in budget hotels when you travel, take a flashlight and check the box springs for droppings, eggs and bugs. Adult bed bugs are the size of a #2 pencil eraser so they're easy to spot. If you share a room with them, they might come home with you! Anyone who discovers a nest should leave it undisturbed; moving anything will only make things worse. A professional exterminator can usually eliminate bed bugs in two visits, spaced 10 days apart.