Avoid "Weeping" Windows This Winter

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Have you ever heard of “weep” holes?  John Pope, the General Manager of Old Town Glass, a Diamond Certified company, tells me that many people are unaware that their vinyl, aluminum and even fiberglass windows have small holes in them, weep holes, to allow water to drain. Without regular maintenance, the weep holes become clogged by dirt, stucco and debris, causing water to back up and leak into the wrong places.

As part of your fall/winter maintenance, check those weep holes and if they’re not clear, blow them out with an air compressor, or clean them out with a small tool. While you’re checking your windows, touch up cracks in the caulking between the window and trim. Make sure you’ve also touched up cracked paint; you want all exterior surfaces to be weather-tight. That way, you’ll not only keep the water out, but bugs out as well.