Ask pool Contractors for Proof of Insurance

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Most pool contractors say they carry liability insurance, but can they prove it? If you're spending thousands of dollars on a new pool, you want to make sure the contractor has liability insurance for several reasons. According to Tony Cisek, owner of Riviera Pools, a Diamond Certified company, the insurance protects the homeowner in case someone is injured on the property while the job is underway. For pool contractors, the policy also covers you in case the pool is not properly completed.

Ask the pool contractor to FAX you its certificate of liability insurance. (By the way, Diamond Certified verifies this insurance as part of the certification process.) Once you receive it, check the date on the certificate to make sure it's current. If you're especially particular about protecting yourself, the insurance company can officially name you as a co-insured party on the policy. The fee for this is around $150.