A State-of-the-Art Method for Sanding Hardwood Floors

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Most of us postpone getting our hardwood floors refinished because we dread the mess. The talcum-like dust from the sanding process is not only difficult to clean up; it’s a health hazard, too. Wood dust is a known carcinogen— expectant mothers and people with asthma and respiratory problems are warned to limit their exposure to it.

Scott Miller, Operations Manager for Elegant Floors, a Diamond Certified company, reports that the dust problem caused by sanding floors can now be almost completely eliminated with a new dust extraction system. The Bona Atomic DCS trailer extracts about 98 percent of dust through powerful hoses that connect the sanding equipment to a powerful dust collector in a large, outdoor trailer. This method is so effective that you no longer have to deal with dust build-up in your air ducts; on your clothing, china cabinet, walls and ceiling; or in your lungs.