How to Preserve Your Tooth Enamel

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I know someone who cuts up fresh lemons, sprinkles sugar on top of them and then sucks the sweetened juice out of the wedges. His teeth are gray and losing their enamel…and he doesn’t know why. I decided to call Dr. James Mattingly, a Diamond Certified dentist, for advice. He says tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body. However, beverages that combine acidic ingredients with sugar can destroy your enamel, and there’s little you can do to replace it.

Dr. Mattingly notes that many people are unaware of how bad this combination really is. Some enamel-destroying drinks include soda, energy drinks and lemonade. “Coffee and tea drinkers should avoid using sweeteners,” he adds. “When someone puts sugar or flavored syrup in coffee or tea and drinks it throughout the day, it can be very destructive to their enamel.”