Don’t Be Duped by Duct-Cleaning Specials

More Savvy Tips

Stephen J. Moore, President of Moore Mechanical Heating, Inc., a Diamond Certified company, recommends doing some research when choosing a professional to work on your home’s HVAC and ductwork system. The problem is a lot of unlicensed people claim to be experts. You can spot them easily, according to Mr. Moore, because they typically boast duct-cleaning service for less than $100 in their ads. Homeowners have complained that improper work caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to their homes. We checked out quite a few of these companies and didn’t find one that was licensed to work in HVAC. Not one.

Don’t simply accept a contractor’s advertising or word that they’re legitimate or have a current, valid contractor’s license. Protect yourself with these two easy steps: 1) Ask for their contractor’s license number and look them up at; 2) Rely on trusted sources like Diamond Certified which verifies credentials.