Removing Pet Urine Stains from Hardwood?

More Savvy Tips

To prevent pet urine stains on hardwood floors, the key is to catch the problem when the urine is still fresh. Use paper towels or cloth to dry the area. Then apply white vinegar and wash the area thoroughly a couple of times. Wash again with warm water and soap. Don't flood the floors; you don't want them to cup. Dry thoroughly. You should pay extra attention to cat urine because the odor is more harsh and cats will return to the same area to urinate if the scent remains.

If the urine has penetrated into the floor and turned it dark, there are two possible solutions.  One, the area may be sanded down to bare wood, re-stained and refinished.  Two, if the boards turn very dark, or even buckle, the boards will have to replaced and professionally sanded and refinished.