Clean Up Pet Stains Right Away

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When my black Labrador got up in years, she would occasionally have accidents inside the house on the wall-to-wall carpeting. Don’t procrastinate when your pet accidentally urinates on your carpet. According to Matt Cole, owner of Cole’s Carpet & Upholstery Company, a Diamond Certified firm, the crystals in the urine can create an alkaline stain, which can give off a bad odor, discolor your carpet and even damage your hardwood floors.

Here’s what to do: Blot up the urine with a wet terrycloth towel until all the yellow comes up. You don’t want it to spread further, so remember to blot, not rub. You can also use paper towels for blotting. A 20/80 mixture of white vinegar and water can be applied to break up the urine crystals and absorb more of the stain.