Lazy About Checking Your Oil? You Have Company.

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About two-thirds of the people who come in for service at Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change are at least one quart or more low on motor oil, according to Darrin Schlafer, Operations Manager for this Diamond Certified company. He says you can't depend on the dashboard oil light to warn you that you're running low.

In most cars, by the time the light goes on, your engine is starved for oil. Without enough oil, the system doesn't cool and lubricate properly and the oil breaks down faster. A warning light means you should stop and check the oil level immediately. To avoid engine damage, you must not drive your car if the oil level is low. To play it safe, Mr.Schlafer recommends eyeing the dipstick every time you fill up. Even every other time would be doing your engine a favor.