Trademark Roofing Comparative Summary

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A Trademark Roofing technician works on a customer’s roof.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for roofing contractors that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For Trademark Roofing, the key to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is simple: take a comprehensive, detail-oriented approach to every job, regardless of its size. “From performing inspections on all installations to taking photos of our work, we really focus on details,” says owner Chad Ariza. “Also, we always perform a walkthrough with the client after their job is complete to make sure they approve.”

Trademark Roofing installs, repairs and removes all types of roofing systems for homeowners throughout Northern California. The company also has the in-house capabilities to clean gutters and perform roof inspections for real estate agencies, and its technicians are available 24/7 to handle roof-related emergencies.

Unlike roofing contractors that hire inexperienced technicians in an effort to reduce their operating costs, Trademark Roofing maintains a staff of highly trained professionals who are certified in every roofing product they install. “Not only that, our technicians continue to attain certifications for each new product we add to our repertoire,” adds Mr. Ariza. “This is important because as we pass more levels of training and certification with manufacturers, we’re upgraded to a higher level of installer, which means we can provide our customers with better warranties and service.”

Another distinguishing attribute of Trademark Roofing is its ability to install every roof to the manufacturer’s specifications, which Mr. Ariza says isn’t always a given in the industry. “Roofing manufacturers specify certain installation methods because they impact the quality and durability of their products, so whenever we install a new roof, we make sure we’re utilizing those methods. Also, using their specified products keeps the installation under the same warranty, which further benefits our clients.”