SureShred Comparative Summary

SureShred shreds documents and other information-bearing material for residential and commercial clients and government agencies throughout the Bay Area. The company has been a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) since its inception.

SureShred follows specific rules for collecting, destroying, processing and recycling the materials entrusted to it, says co-owner David Rhoads. From the moment it comes into the company’s possession until it’s destroyed, all material remains under tight supervision and control. All employees are background-checked and randomly tested for drug use.

As a local, family-owned business, SureShred places a high premium on personal, responsive customer service. Everyone in the company carries a Blackberry mobile device, which keeps them in touch and responsive.

Mr. Rhoads says SureShred compensates its staff with generous salaries and benefits. “That keeps turnover low, which in turn accounts for our extremely high level of employee loyalty and expertise.” Mr. Rhoads explains that his company hasn’t raised its prices in 11 years because of the high-level efficiency of its systems and equipment. All trucks are GPS-located and tracked on the Internet, which streamlines operations and speeds response time. Unlike competitors that charge by weight, SureShred charges a flat fee for pre-scheduled shredding.