Saber Roofing Inc. Comparative Summary

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Ryan Saber is owner and manager of Saber Roofing.

Jay Saber, co-owner of Saber Roofing Inc. in Redwood City, believes his company’s customer service is unequaled. As evidence, he points to its practices and policies. "Our Estimator usually show up the day after a client requests a quote," he explains. "A written proposal comes a day after that. Customers get progress reports every afternoon for the duration of their project and a job completion checklist at the end of the project. They also receive a signed-off building permit, invoice, lien release, material warranty, and a thank-you card with photos showing the roof before, during and after the work. And that’s all before they pay the bill,” says Mr. Saber.

Because Mr. Saber fields a large work crew with many years of experience, most of the company’s bigger jobs are completed in three to five days. He and his son, co-owner Ryan Saber, are a constant presence on jobsites, visiting them daily to oversee work and address any concerns from homeowners.

Instead of cutting corners by using substandard materials or cheap labor, Saber Roofing uses only the best materials and dispatches its “A-Team” to every jobsite, says Mr. Saber. He adds that his clients pay a fair price for what they receive— unparalleled expertise, top-quality workmanship and outstanding follow-up services. Mr. Saber says he hears constant raves from his customers about the quality of Saber Roofing’s work and, in particular, the company’s emphasis on open communication. Most, he says, are pleasantly surprised by “how good our people are.”