Roberts Electric Company, Inc. Comparative Summary

In an industry where many companies make outsized claims about their expertise, Dan Pitcock is content to let his company’s history and reputation speak for itself.

Mr. Pitcock runs Roberts Electric Company (RECO), a fixture in the Bay Area for over 75 years. The company has been family owned and operated since 1960. RECO is one of the industry’s most versatile companies, providing comprehensive services for all types of residential, commercial and industrial customers, plus telecommunications and network cabling.

What brings customers back to RECO again and again, says Mr. Pitcock, is his company’s “personality”—dedicated to its community, responsive to its needs, grateful for its longstanding patronage. In his view, being invited into someone’s home is a privilege that should be repaid with work that lives up to the highest standards, both the customer’s and his company’s own.

Whether it’s basic electrical wiring or high-end lighting design, RECO demands superior workmanship from its electricians, with safety being paramount. They see their role, ultimately, as helping customers derive the most efficiency, enjoyment, and comfort from their homes and businesses. RECO managers visit jobs in progress to hear questions or concerns and conduct follow-up visits afterwards. If there is ever and issue, a resolution is fast and hassle-free.

A Certified Green Building Professional himself, Mr. Pitcock strives to raise awareness of energy efficiency and incorporate friendly environmental practices into his company at every level.