Ramirez Tow Comparative Summary

(707) 277-1913
1502 Humphrey Drive
Suisun City, CA 94585
Owner Steve Ramirez secures a customer’s vehicle to his flatbed tow truck.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for towing companies that have earned the coveted Diamond Certified award. For Ramirez Tow, the key to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is simple: make the needs of its clientele its foremost priority, regardless of the situation. “Our customers always come first,” confirms co-owner Steve Ramirez. “For example, if a customer calls and we’re tied up for the entire day, we have no problem referring them to another reputable company if that’s what it takes to get them timely service. In that moment, it’s not about us making money; it’s about taking care of that customer.”

Ramirez Tow has been providing towing services for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles throughout Solano and Napa Counties since 1976. The family-owned and operated company has a sizeable fleet of flatbed/lowbed trailers and car transporters to handle a variety of towing situations, and it’s also qualified to perform overload adjustments on commercial trucks that are legally required to clear weigh stations before reaching their destinations.

Unlike less experienced towing companies that overbook themselves and leave some customers waiting for long periods of time as a result, Ramirez Tow’s organized, detail-oriented approach is designed to ensure prompt, efficient service. “Response time is a big deal for truck drivers who are stranded on the side of the road with large shipments,” says co-owner Kathy Ramirez. “By getting the right information and efficiently communicating to our drivers, we’re able to respond quickly and accurately to any situation.”

Ramirez Tow further differentiates itself from its competition by offering a broad range of towing services that other companies aren’t qualified to handle. “Over the years, we’ve branched out and acquired many different vehicles, from regular low trucks to low-bed trailers and even a Bobcat,” says Mr. Ramirez. “Our customers know we have the equipment to handle whatever need they may have, and they really appreciate that.”