Moulding Masters Of California Comparative Summary

(925) 237-1960
1070 Detroit Avenue, Unit E
Concord, CA 94518
Mark Benda is owner of Moulding Masters of California.

Mark Benda, owner of Moulding Masters of California, refers to his Concord-based company as “a carpenter’s candy store.” He says his customers are impressed by what he calls “the most extensive selection of molding in the Bay Area.” Most customer requests can be accommodated immediately from the store’s in house stock, and the rest can usually be ordered for the next business day. The company also manufactures custom molding and can match any existing molding design.

Moulding Masters of California is a Benda family business that can proudly point to its record of satisfied customers, says Mr. Benda. Many of them have referred the company to friends and neighbors, helping it build a solid reputation in and beyond the local community. Most of its professional staff members have worked for the store since it opened in 2000.

Moulding Masters of California sells large quantities of medium density fiberboard (MDF). Unlike former MDF products that puckered or exploded when nails were driven into them, says Mr. Benda, the new generation of ultralight MDF absorbs nails without problems and easily accepts paint. Mr. Benda says the product is extremely popular and generates virtually no complaints.

Customers can opt to have Moulding Masters of California install their molding, but the company can also instruct customers on cutting and installation methods. In fact, says Mr. Benda, homeowners and contractors who have difficulties with a molding project regard the company and its team as a “go-to” resource for troubleshooting.