Love Your Floors Comparative Summary

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A recent floor cleaning project by Love Your Floors

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for carpet and upholstery cleaning companies that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For Love Your Floors, the ability to achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction is the primary reason it’s been able to stay in business and thrive. “Customer satisfaction is very important to our success,” confirms owner Albert Lazo. “Without repeat customers, referrals and word of mouth, we wouldn’t be able to do business, so we always make sure each client is completely satisfied with our work.”

Love Your Floors has been cleaning and repairing all types of floor surfaces for custom¬ers throughout Santa Clara County since 2004. In addition to cleaning carpet, upholstery, area rugs, grout, and tile and stone, the company handles marble restorations, concrete polishing, hot water extractions, steam cleaning and more. For the convenience of its clients, it offers free deep clean-ing services with all regular carpet cleaning jobs.

Unlike larger carpet and upholstery cleaning companies that emphasize the importance of workload volume over client interaction, Love Your Floors’ small size allows it to offer highly personalized service to every customer—an approach Mr. Lazo credits for his company’s positive referral rate and loyal clientele base. “Our small size also means we don’t need to work with subcontractors, so our clients only have to deal with one company throughout the whole process,” he adds. Another distinctive feature of Love Your Floors is its comprehensive approach to quality control, which extends to every job and begins with Mr. Lazo himself. “Before we start a job, I do a complete walkthrough to make sure I can deliver on the customer’s expectations,” he explains. “For example, if it’s a carpet cleaning job and I see certain spots that I know won’t come out, I’ll tell the client beforehand. We’re experts at making old material look as new as possible, but sometimes we can only work with what we have, so we’re honest with our customers about what we can and can’t do.”