Larsen Construction Comparative Summary

Larsen Construction installs and replaces all types of doors and windows, including bay, bow, picture and garden windows, as well as French, patio and entry doors. The materials they use include wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Mr. Larsen keeps prices low by stocking most major quality brands, direct from top manufacturers.

It’s all on display at Larsen Construction's vast showroom. At over 3,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest in Northern California, according to owner Jim Larsen.

If you’re a Bay Area homeowner or business looking to replace windows or doors, that’s an enormous asset. There are no surprises. Unlike ordering from a catalog, you can actually see the product you plan to buy and try it out for yourself. That’s especially important for higher-end products, where quality workmanship can be difficult to explain, but easy to demonstrate.

Mr. Larsen started his company in 1992. With over a quarter-century of experience in the home-improvement business, he has built strong relationships with his network of customers and manufacturers. The guiding philosophy of Larsen Construction, however, is customer satisfaction. Because his company is neither small nor inordinately large, Mr. Larsen can field a large number of installation crews while retaining tight control over quality. He chooses those installers from among the best in the business and, as an incentive to good work, pays them above industry standards.

Mr. Larsen prides himself on his company’s willingness to “go the extra mile,” tending even to minute details that many companies ignore, overlook, or simply refuse to do. He remains involved in every project, overseeing it from beginning to end.

As a result, Larsen Construction derives fully a quarter of its business from referrals. That’s an extraordinarily high percentage, and one in which Mr. Larsen takes greater pride.