Larry Porteous Family Dentistry Comparative Summary

(510) 761-6916
665 Parker Ave
Rodeo, CA 94572
Larry Porteous D.D.S.

Larry Porteous Family Dentistry is a family dental practice that “welcomes patients of all ages—from three to 93,” says Linda Porteous, a registered dental hygienist and the wife and partner of owner Larry Porteous, DDS.

Larry Porteous Family Dentistry provides a wide range of services, including general dentistry, preventive and cosmetic services, root canals, crowns and bridges, partials and dentures, oral surgery, and wisdom teeth extractions. “Because of Dr. Porteous’ training in all the different aspects of dentistry—and because he’s been providing these services for 30 years—there’s very little need for us to refer patients to specialists,” explains Mrs. Porteous. “We perform all phases of dentistry except orthodontics, but we work closely with orthodontic specialists in our area for patients who need this treatment.” The entire staff at Porteous Family Dentistry receives continuing education on a regular basis to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date.

A top priority at Larry Porteous Family Dentistry is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible, says Dr. Porteous. With this in mind, each of its three office locations (Rodeo, Danville and Vallejo) offers a soothing environment where patients can inquire about dental care and payment options. The company’s procedures are explained carefully and thoroughly, in easy-to-understand terms. “It’s our goal to put patients at ease in the dental chair,” says Mrs. Porteous.

Larry Porteous Family Dentistry’s fees are fair, competitive and, in some cases, more than reasonable, says Mrs. Porteous. For example, nitrous oxide sedation is offered to patients at no additional charge, which adds to the pain-free dental experience. “Many offices don’t offer this level of service,” she says.

Below is a comprehensive list of Larry Porteous Family Dentistry's services:

Preventative Care
• X-rays
• Scaling and root planning (deep cleansing)
• Sealants • De-sensitivity treatments
• Night guards (for grinding)
• Sport guards
• Laser gum treatment
• Antibiotic gum therapy

Restorative Treatment
• Fillings – amalgam (silver) and composite (white)
• Crowns – porcelain and metal (gold)

Root Canals
• Anterior teeth (front) and Posterior teeth (back)

Replacement Procedures
• Bridges – Partial dentures – Full dentures

Oral Surgery
• Extractions • 3rd molar removal (wisdom teeth)
• Periodontal surgery (gum surgery)

Cosmetic Procedures
• Teeth Whitening – Zoom & Opalescence
• Veneers