Jerry and Don's Yager Pump and Well Comparative Summary

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One of Jerry and Don's Yager Pump and Well's service vehicles

Water well and pump companies are always looking for ways to discern themselves from their competition, and those that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award are already several steps ahead. In addition to its Diamond Certified status, Jerry and Don’s Yager Pump and Well differentiates itself by providing 24/7 emergency repairs for wells, pump systems, storage tanks and more—a comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction that many of its competitors don’t have the resources to match. “Our main focus is providing round-the-clock service,” confirms partner Jim Mickelson. “We always have a technician on hand who can repair anything that moves water out of the ground and up to a fixture, from pipes and pumps to all types of water treatment equipment.”

Jerry and Don’s Yager Pump and Well has been installing, upgrading, repairing and rebuilding wells and pump systems for residential, commercial and agricultural clients throughout the North Bay for more than 55 years. The company has two locations in Sonoma County, one in the north and one in the south, so it’s able to offer faster response times than most of its competitors. It also maintains an extensive inventory of repair parts in its service trucks, so each job can usually be completed in a single call, which reduces costs for clients. “Our service trucks stock just about everything needed for residential service and repairs, and we can almost always get a temporary fix in place within one day for commercial and agricultural systems,” adds Mr. Mickelson.

Another distinguishing feature of Jerry and Don’s Yager Pump and Well is the vast amount of industry experience possessed by its owners and technicians—two of three partners have been working in the well industry for more than 30 years, and most employees have been with the firm for more than a decade. “We bring a wealth of experience to the table,” says Mr. Mickelson. “Not only do we have experienced crews and an extensive inventory of parts, but we have records on every property we’ve worked on since 1970. If we’ve ever worked on a system, even if it was before a person owned it, we know exactly how to make it operate at its peak efficiency.”