J & M Termite Control Comparative Summary

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for termite control companies that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For J & M Termite Control, the keys to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction are simple: take an old-fashioned business approach to each project and emphasize quality every step of the way. “We have a very strong work ethic, and it shines through in our services,” says owner Jim Darling. “Our clients really appreciate how helpful and patient we are when it comes to dealing with their termite problems.”

J & M Termite Control has been providing structural inspections, damage repairs, and pest control services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Mountain View area since 1973. The company uses fumigation, chemical, and microwave treatments to combat termite and wood pest infestations, and it can also create inspection reports for real estate agents and property buyers/ sellers.

Unlike less experienced termite control companies that take a “hands-off” approach to communicating with their customers, J & M Termite Control stays in constant contact with its clients so they have all the information they need to make smart decisions. “We treat each situation individually and help our clients understand the extent of their infestations so they can get a better idea of their options,” explains Mr. Darling. “Our goal is to help them find solutions that meet their needs and budgets, but we’re also honest about what will work and what won’t.”

Another distinguishing attribute of J & M Termite Control is its highly trained and experienced technicians, all of whom are directly supervised by Mr. Darling himself. “I’m in the field every day, so I often hear our customers talking about how wonderful our employees are,” he says. “They like the help and answers they get, and they always comment about how thorough we are.”