IRC All Siding Comparative Summary

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A tear down and new exterior project by IRC All Siding

Few siding contractors earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award, which means they’ve been independently rated Highest in Quality. Even fewer can also claim to bring more than 20 years of experience to every project, but that’s exactly the case for IRC All Siding. “At this point, we’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to exterior siding, so we’re always prepared to complete our clients’ projects as effectively as possible,” says owner Peter Katsafouros. “Even on challenging jobs that are somewhat of a puzzle, we know exactly where each piece needs to go.”
IRC All Siding replaces exterior siding on residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the Bay Area. The company’s extensive expertise allows it to handle a wide variety of siding damage, from moisture- and weather-related problems to dry rot and termites. In addition to siding repair, it provides general construction services such as window replacements, additions, and bathroom and kitchen remodels.
Unlike less experienced siding companies that lack the time-earned expertise to take on the challenges that often arise during the siding installation and repair process, IRC All Siding is able to draw upon Mr. Katsafouros’ comprehensive siding knowledge and architectural background to quickly and efficiently solve all types of problems. “I started out in architecture and spent about four years drafting, so I’m very familiar with the different aspects of home construction,” he says. “This extra level of building experience really adds a measure of qualification to my team.”
Another distinguishing attribute of IRC All Siding is its highly skilled crew members, all of whom have a wealth of industry experience and have been personally trained by Mr. Katsafouros himself. “I’ve essentially had the same crew since the beginning,” he says. “Each of my top guys has at least 15 years of experience, which means every project benefits from about 150 years of hands-on expertise.”