Harkey Construction, Inc. Comparative Summary

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Jeff and Lori Harkey are owners of Harkey Construction, Inc.

The best possible working relationship between a builder and a homeowner, says Jeff Harkey of Harkey Construction, is when both parties are accountable to each other.

This concept led Mr. Harkey to create a highly-detailed computer model for job scheduling that covers every important date and milestone for a project. Using computer-based bar graphs, the timelines clearly lay out obligations and expectations for both parties—when certain projects will begin and end, when items need to be ordered, which party bears which responsibilities, etc.

Having a full schedule delineated so meticulously in advance “impresses the owner every time,” says Mr. Harkey. It obligates the builder and homeowner to each other, keeping the job on track and preventing any surprises. It makes estimates far more detailed and understandable. And, perhaps most important, it helps build the mutual communication and trust that are the foundation of every successful business partnership, he says.

Run by Mr. Harkey and his wife, Lori, Harkey Construction has served commercial and residential markets throughout Northern California since 1991. The company has built a reputation for quality workmanship by focusing on integrity, details and accuracy, customer satisfaction and personal relationships.

The Harkeys pride themselves on being good listeners who don’t see every project as “cut and dry.” They make and hear suggestions, adapting to the individual requirements of each job and homeowner. Their superior construction management skills are evident from the first step of planning to site clean-up, says Mr. Harkey, helping ensure every project is a success they and the homeowner can be proud of.