Franz Termite Control Corporation Comparative Summary

Termite control companies are always looking for ways to discern themselves from their competition, and those that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award are already several steps ahead. In addition to its Diamond Certified status, Franz Termite Control Corporation differentiates itself by offering custom treatment methods based on the specific needs and construction type of each client’s home. “With us, one size doesn’t fit all—and it shouldn’t,” says owner Michael Judas. “Termite treatments vary depending on the type of termite and location and extent of the infestation, so it’s important for people to hire a specialist like us to make sure they’re termite-free.”

In addition to its termite control capabilities, Franz Termite Control Corporation is qualified to repair rot and termite damage—a comprehensive process that requires extensive knowledge in all phases of construction. “Careful restoration is a unique skill and demands a craftsman’s touch, which we’ve gained by spending years working in this highly specialized area,” says Mr. Judas. The company also provides real estate inspection reports for clients who are buying or selling homes, and it has the facilities and resources to help homeowners and real estate firms with any related follow-up work.

Mr. Judas says he’s proud of Franz Termite Control Corporation’s ability to retain long-term, highly experienced employees. “Some of our people have been with us for decades, and most have been here for at least 10 years. They’re all individually licensed and are trained to use proven, effective processes to eradicate or control termite infestations.” The company also emphasizes the importance of client communication and takes the time to explain different treatment options to determine what’s best for each home.

Franz Termite Control Corporation is known for its worksite cleanliness, which Mr. Judas believes is important for upholding the firm’s longstanding reputation within its community. “Our crews put down drop clothes and clean up after themselves. My father’s name is on the company, and that reputation means everything to us.”