Four Paws Pet Ranch Comparative Summary

(707) 902-3984
3410 Guerneville Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
David Weiss is owner of Four Paws Pet Ranch.

Pet boarding companies are always looking for ways to distinguish themselves from their competition, and those that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award are already several steps ahead. In addition to its Diamond Certified status, Four Paws Pet Ranch sets itself apart by focusing on meeting the needs of both the animals that stay at its facility and their owners. “We know we actually have two customers in every situation: the pet and the human,” says owner David Weiss. “Our staff members are the keys to keeping both types of customers happy. The pets have a great time with them and feel safe, and the pet owners feel confident in their expertise.”
Four Paws Pet Ranch has been boarding dogs and cats at its 5.5-acre, climate-controlled facility in Santa Rosa since 2009. In addition to its short- and long-term boarding services, the company offers personalized training programs, animal adoption, a membership-only dog park that requires all dogs to be screened for shots and follow behavioral guidelines, and more.
Unlike some pet boarding facilities that simply warehouse animals while their owners are away, Four Paws Pet Ranch utilizes its sizeable property to allow animals to play freely and socialize with each other, which Mr. Weiss says makes for a better overall experience. “Our animals aren’t cooped up all day—they’re out running around and playing in our 16 spacious play yards. Dogs are pack animals that want to be outside with other dogs, and we provide them with that experience.”
Another unique feature of Four Paws Pet Ranch is its onsite grooming facility, which accepts drop-in and grooming-only appointments in addition to serving boarding and day care animals. “All our groomers are certified and award-winning, and we’re very proud to have them here,” says Mr. Weiss. “We offer a lot of options, from dropping off pets for grooming only to treating them to daycare visits. Either way, we’ll have them clean and ready to go at a specific time.”