Envirotek Restoration, Inc. Comparative Summary

Envirotek Restoration, Inc. uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques to restore and preserve exterior wood for residential and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. The company focuses on servicing decks, fencing, siding, shakes and shingles.

Owner Sammy Alfadel says improperly washing a deck can permanently damage the wood, and painters and contractors often make this mistake. “Even professional deck cleaning companies often use subpar equipment and apply excessive pressure or water value, which can permanently gouge or scar the wood.” Envirotek Restoration uses the industry-recommend 1,500 pounds per inch (PSI) of water pressure when cleaning wood, which minimizes damage to its surface, says Mr. Alfadel.

Many companies clean wood with a Clorox-type bleach, but Envirotek Restoration uses a biodegradable, water-based cleaner to dissolve old stains, dirt, mold, mildew and dead cells. It also applies a brightener to remove dullness and return decks to their natural looks. The company sands wood and primes it to receive two coats of Total Wood Protection (TWP), a high-quality preservative that penetrates wood and protects it from the elements.

Mr. Alfadel says Envirotek Restoration’s employees are prompt, professional and clean. “They treat every customer’s home like their own and always deliver on their promises. They never walk away from a job until the customer is thoroughly satisfied.”