Engineered Soil Repairs, Inc. Comparative Summary

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Telegraph Landing: Podium slab waterproofing and restoration of the common area brick patio and landscape areas

Foundation repair work is a specialized field that requires extensive engineering expertise—there are few firms to begin with, and even fewer that stay in business for many years. Walnut Creek’s Engineered Soil Repairs has been in the foundation repair business since 1992. It’s a one-stop shop for foundation work—all project plans and engineering are done in-house, and the firm manages all necessary permits and inspections, so clients deal with one firm instead of two or three.

Engineered Soil Repairs’ employees are experienced foundation workers who have been with the company for years. Each work crew is headed by a foreman, who manages the site, and a superintendent, who visits each site daily. The firm’s registered engineers are always available for questions or problems that arise during the course of work.

Because Engineered Soil Repairs has in-house, registered engineers, clients can be assured their foundation work will be done correctly. The first step in a client engagement is an assessment by one of the firm’s engineers. This survey, which typically takes about 90 minutes, consists of determining the extent and cause of the client’s problem.

For example, a survey for a foundation problem is a complete assessment of the house to determine the unevenness of its floors and an inspection of its crawl space to determine the type and condition of the existing foundation. It’s a complete survey that results in a detailed written proposal and lump-sum cost of the work required. Once clients accept the proposal, engineers will develop the plans and prepare all the necessary submissions for relevant city and county agencies. Once permits are issued, the work is scheduled.

“Because we’ve been around since 1992, we’re well-known by industry professionals,” says co-owner Bill Gibson. “We get a lot of referral work from other professionals in the field. Most of our work comes from word-of-mouth reputation. People know our work, and everywhere a client turns, they hear we’re the company to hire.”