Dublin Car Tek Comparative Summary

(925) 335-6938
6008 Dougherty Road
Dublin, CA 94568
Tim Johnson is owner of Dublin Car Tek.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for auto repair companies that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For Dublin Car Tek, the key to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is building personal, long-term relationships with its clientele, which it accomplishes by always putting their needs first and promoting open communication in every aspect of its operations. “Our shop has an open floor plan, so customers can talk directly to the technicians who are working on their cars,” explains owner Tim Johnson. “That lets them know their repairs are being done correctly, which makes them more comfortable with the entire process.”
Dublin Car Tek has been repairing all types of foreign and domestic vehicles at its Dublin facility since 1999, handling everything from oil changes and engine/transmission repairs to tune-ups, smog inspections, and brake and tire replacements. The company also provides repair and maintenance services for heavy duty truck fleets and RVs.
Unlike less experienced auto repair companies that take a hands-off approach to quality control, Dublin Car Tek performs a comprehensive series of procedures that are designed to ensure each car’s repairs are of the highest possible quality before it leaves the shop. “We road test every vehicle before we work on it so we can hear and feel the problem, and we road test it again after the repairs are done so we can confirm the problem has been solved,” explains Mr. Johnson. “Our customers really benefit from this type of hands-on experience.”
Another distinguishing feature of Dublin Car Tek is its use of specialty tire equipment, including a spin balancer and state-of-the-art tire changer that enable its technicians to provide tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) repairs. “Most people don’t realize that each tire has a sensor that’s hooked up to the valve stem to alert them if their tire pressure is low,” says Mr. Johnson. “Shops need certified equipment and sensors in order to repair these problems, and that’s where we set ourselves apart.”