Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data Comparative Summary

Electrical contractors are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition, and those that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award are already several steps ahead. In addition to its “Highest in Quality” status, Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data sets itself apart by offering its clients a unique package of services that most companies aren’t qualified to provide. “When customers hire us, they don’t have to hire separate network people or contractors to install things like sound systems,” explains owner Michael Chasov. “We provide everything in one package, including a full spectrum of low-voltage wiring services.”

Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data has been providing complete electrical services for residential and commercial clients throughout San Francisco since 2000. The company’s work extends to service upgrades; electrical systems; lighting controls and LED lighting solutions; pre-wiring for solar panels and electric cars; telephone and cable networks; home theater, sound, CCTV and intercom systems; and more. It also handles small jobs, performs service calls, and rewires Victorian-era houses by using cutting-edge technological and eco-conscious systems that can be seamlessly integrated in any style.

Unlike electrical contractors that strive to complete jobs as quickly as possible and sacrifice quality control in the process, Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data takes the time to educate each client by walking them through the entire project and showing them what’s involved. “We want to give our customers a complete picture of what’s going on so they understand all their options,” says Mr. Chasov. “For example, we tell them when they can reuse knobs and wiring instead of automatically charging them for replacements.”

Another unique feature of Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data is its ability to perform high-end residential work that most electrical contractors can’t handle. “We’re highly trained and proficient with new technologies, including some just-developed wiring control systems,” explains Mr. Chasov. “We constantly work with new systems, so we’re able to help our customers make better decisions about what to put in their homes.”