CEF Contractors Comparative Summary

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A recent construction project by CEF Contractors

Few construction companies earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award, which means they’ve been independently rated Highest in Quality. Fewer still offer each of their customers the expertise of a construction industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, but that’s exactly the case for CEF Contractors and its owner, Curt E. Ferson. “I founded this company in 1995 after spending several years working throughout the industry in various aspects,” says Mr. Ferson. “We handle everything from residential additions and remodels—including kitchens, bathrooms, decks and porches—to foundational and structural upgrades, including seismic retrofitting.”

Unlike construction firms that limit their clients to using in-house designers and other professionals, CEF Contractors can either work with outside architects and engineers or provide trusted subcontractors to assist with the design process. “We take an all-inclusive approach to our customers’ projects,” confirms Mr. Ferson. “Sometimes people only have a general idea of what they want, so we help them make decisions and walk them through the process. We work with architects and engineers with whom we have solid professional histories. Between us, we can handle any issues that come up during a remodeling project, from zoning to city planning.”

In addition to its flexible remodeling process, CEF Contractors supplements its customer-focused approach by limiting its workload to a select group of projects. “Since we don’t take on large workloads, we’re able to cater to individual clients in ways that larger firms can’t,” explains Mr. Ferson. “We frequently talk to our clients, keep them updated on project happenings and try to limit surprises.”

Another distinguishing characteristic of CEF Contractors is its focus on environmentally-friendly building practices and materials. “People are becoming more educated and aware about environmental issues, so it’s important for us to be as Green as possible,” says Mr. Ferson. “Every project is different, of course, but there’s always something we can do, like recycling building materials and choosing energy-efficient products.”