CastleLite Block, LLC Comparative Summary

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Jay Magstadt, Operations Manager

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for paving stone companies that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For CastleLite Block, LLC, achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is dependent on three factors: quality manufacturing, expert installation and superior customer service. “We take pride in what we do because we truly believe in our products,” says General Manager John Espinoza. “This work is about more than pavers for us—it’s about creating an atmosphere that enhances the aesthetic experience for each client.”
CastleLite Block, LLC manufactures and installs paving stones, masonry units and Green paving products for residential and commercial clients throughout Northern California. In addition to its onsite installation capabilities, the company maintains a factory showroom in Danville so customers can see firsthand applications of its products.
Unlike paving stone companies that get their products from outside manufacturers and delay their clients’ projects as a result, CastleLite Block’s manufacturing and installation capabilities allow it to control every step of the paving stone process, from the raw materials phase all the way to the finishing touches. “There are no middle men with us, so our clients benefit from a chain of responsibility that ensures full accountability,” says Operations Manager Jay Magstadt. “By manufacturing our own products, delivering them to jobsites and doing all the work with our own people, we’re able to guarantee a level of customer satisfaction that’s beyond comparison.”
Another distinguishing attribute of CastleLite Block is the stringency with which it adheres to the highest industry standards in every aspect of its operations. “We install everything according to the standards and specifications of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI),” explains Mr. Magstadt. “Most paving stone manufacturers are associated with ICPI, but not all installers are. As a manufacturer and installer, we have a bigger responsibility to adhere to that entire protocol.”