Cal Auto Body Comparative Summary

(650) 273-5401
1132 Hillside Boulevard
Colma, CA 94014
Nana Sarkisian is owner of Cal Auto Body.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for auto body repair companies that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For Cal Auto Body, the key to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is not only upholding its reputation for providing high-quality work and reliable service, but also continually improving its methods and services. “We don’t want our customers to leave until they’re 100 percent satisfied, so we do whatever it takes to ensure that happens,” says owner Nana Sarkisian. “Our motto is, ‘Drive in with a pile and out with a smile.’”

Cal Auto Body has been providing a complete range of body and collision repair services for all types of vehicles at its Colma facility since 2001. The company utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art technology to return customers’ cars to their pre-accident conditions, including a unibody laser straightening system specifically designed for SUVs and trucks, a computerized paint matching system and more.

Unlike less experienced auto body shops that strive to maximize their workload volume but sacrifice personalized service in the process, Cal Auto Body takes an attentive, one-on-one approach to dealing with every customer. “We understand how important it is for our customers to get their cars back as quickly as possible, so we’re always working to get paperwork turned around, arranging rental cars and so forth,” says Ms. Sarkisian. “Our favorite part of the process is looking at the faces of our customers when they first see their cars. All they remember is the damage, so to see them surprised and happy is very rewarding.”

Another distinguishing feature of Cal Auto Body is the comprehensive approach it takes to quality control on every repair job, regardless of the size. “Each car goes through three levels of quality control checks before it leaves our facility,” explains Ms. Sarkisian. “Both the painter and main body technician thoroughly inspect the car, and I conduct the final quality check myself. We make sure to fix every little detail—if it’s a concern to the customer, it’s a concern to us.”