Bay Area Drainage, Inc. Comparative Summary

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A recent residential project by Bay Area Drainage

For Bay Area Drainage, Inc., a “hands-on” owner and a team of seasoned professionals add up to consistent customer satisfaction—year after year.

“Probably 60 percent of our customers call us again for various projects, simply because they’re happy with what we’ve done in the past,” says Wayne Ortland, owner of Bay Area Drainage. “Often they’ll call us back for projects such as a driveway or retaining wall.”

Attention to detail is something Bay Area Drainage, Inc. takes very seriously. “I stop by every job site at least once a day, and I’m involved in each individual project as if I was working on my own home,” says Mr. Ortland. In addition to visits from the owner, each project has a site superintendent on the job all day to oversee the work in progress.

Bay Area Drainage, Inc. is known for its skilled and courteous crews. They understand living with construction can be a challenge for most homeowners, so they do everything they can to minimize the impact. “Our crews are trained to be very courteous to the homeowner. They clean up at the end of every day and leave your home looking as if there’s no ongoing construction,” says Mr. Ortland. “The driveways are swept and the sidewalks cleaned, so when you come home from work, the yard doesn’t look like a work zone.” And when a big project is completed, all leftover materials are removed before a complete and thorough final cleanup is performed.

At Bay Area Drainage, Inc., quality workmanship, reliability and trustworthiness are top priorities. “We show up when we say we’re going to, and we’re there every day until the project is finished,” says Mr. Ortland. “We stick to our timelines, and the workmanship our guys demonstrate is far better than most.” Good benefits and job satisfaction are two of the reasons labor turnover is low. “My guys have been with me for a minimum of three years, and some of them have been with me for as long as 10 years. We offer full medical benefits and give them what they need.” There have never been any security issues with personnel. “I’d trust them in my own home,” says Mr. Ortland.